How do I make an apricot salad?

Apricots are a delicious addition to a fruit salad.

Whether fresh or dried, apricots are a popular ingredient that can be added to any salad or used as the main ingredient in any salad. The festive orange color of the fruit brings a splash of color to any table. To make an apricot salad, it’s best to first decide if you want to make a shaped salad, one with vegetables or grains, or a fruit salad. Once you have chosen the basic type of apricot salad, it is easier to know which is the best recipe to follow.

Poppy seeds, which can be used to prepare a fresh apricot salad.

Using fresh fruit to make an apricot salad will not only provide a unique treat for guests or family, it will also provide a wealth of vitamins. When choosing fresh apricots for a salad, look for ones that are firm but not hard. Avoid the ones that are wrinkled and instead choose the ones that are plump. To make fresh apricot salad, combine pitted apricots with any combination of fresh fruit. A light poppyseed dressing is a perfect accompaniment, as it won’t overwhelm the flavor of the fruit.

Green salads.

A long tradition popular on festive occasions is the molded apricot salad. This salad is made with apricot jelly as a base. To this is added cream cheese and crushed pineapple along with a frozen non-dairy topping. The salad is allowed to cool and form overnight and then served and placed on a plate immediately before serving.

Those who are following a meatless diet can enjoy a salad made with dried apricots and quinoa that is not only healthy but also filling. Adding a bit of minced garlic to this salad will not only spice up the flavor, but also provide a fresh alternative to spices that have been processed. Toast the quinoa before combining all the ingredients. This will add a depth of flavor to the salad. Dried apricots can be generously added, providing a sweet and chewy touch to this healthy meal.

Fresh apricots offer many vitamins for a salad.

For a heartier and more flavorful apricot salad, apricots can be paired with chicken. Depending on the cook’s preference, the chicken can be diced or shredded. A light mayonnaise or vinaigrette dressing will work well with these ingredients. This salad, when cold, can be served as a hearty filling for a sandwich or on a bed of lettuce as a main dish. A tasty warm apricot salad with chicken can be served with crusty bread.

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