What are the different types of bread mixes?

Bakery mixes range from simple sourdough bread, whole wheat and white bread to more exotic versions, such as gourmet Swedish vanilla almond bread and Swiss sourdough rye bread. Fruits and nuts are used to flavor many bread mixes, such as pumpkin walnut bread, cranberry walnut bread, and buttered walnut English muffin bread. Sourdough, rye and potato bread are some of the other varieties of bread mixes.

Bread slices.

A variety of bakery mixes are available with one or more types of cheese. Flavors include Italian cheese and herb gourmet bread, as well as gourmet Asiago cheese bread. Savory Italian Cheese Bread combines the flavors of white and Romano cheddar cheeses and is further spiced with basil and oregano. Some breads have the hot and peppery flavors of salsa and chipotle. Marita Chipotle Cheese Soft Bread, Smoked Chipotle Cheese Warm Bread, and Salsa & Cheese Bread Mixes have some heat.

Wheat berries, which are sometimes included in bakery mixes.

Sourdough bread mixes come in many variations, including San Francisco Sourdough Gourmet Bread, Sourdough English Muffin Bread, and Saint Croix Sourdough French Bread. Old World sourdough whole grain bread contains wheat, barley and rye. Swiss sourdough rye bread has a malted barley flavor that is somewhat sweet and has a chewy crust.

Medium and darker breads, such as rye and rye, are also available in bread-making mixes. These include Black Russian gourmet bread, which is a pumpernickel; deli-style rye bread, which gets its flavor from buttermilk and molasses; and German rye bread from Heidelberg, which is hearty and moist. American white rye is made from white rye flower and has a milder flavor.

Making fresh bread doesn’t have to be a hassle.

Bread mixes abound, ranging from buttered honey wheat and cracked wheat to buttermilk wheat bread. Some bread mixes have a sweeter flavor, such as cinnamon raisins, apple pecans, and California raisins. Breads flavored with a variety of fruits and nuts include cranberry nuts, buttered walnut English muffin bread, and pumpkin walnut bread. Vanilla Almond Gourmet Swedish Bread is a Swedish egg bread perfect for snacking or breakfast, while Calabrian Fruit Heart Gourmet Bread comes from southern Italy and is packed with fruit.

There are many variations on sourdough bakery mixes.

Other types of bread mixes include potato bread, nine-grain bread, and barley bread. French bread mixes, English muffin bread and honey graham granola mixes are also available for making bread. Multigrain bread, garden harvest vegetable bread, and buttermilk white bread may also be offered in mixes. Specialty bread mixes, such as gluten-free breads, are also available.

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