What is Charger?

Self-propelled loading and unloading machinery that loads bulk materials onto vehicles or other equipment

Loaders are widely used in mines, ports, stations, construction sites, stockyards, warehouses and other places, with an operating capacity of 30 to 300 tons / hour.

According to the characteristics of the operation process, it is divided into two types: intermittent action and continuous action

There is a single bucket loader for intermittent action

Continuous action chargers are named according to the characteristics of their working devices (see image)

Crab rake loader: a working device composed of a pair of rotating disks and two four-bar linkage mechanisms similar to the crab rake

The crab rake moves in a regular flat curve, alternately raking material at the front to the conveyor in the middle and conveying it to the rear for loading.

Screw loader: two spiral blades with opposite rotational directions are fixed on the front horizontal axis

When the shaft rotates, the blade pushes the material to the center, and then the conveyor transports the material to the rear for loading.

Disc loader: there are one or two rotating discs with radial ribs at the front, and the discs take materials from the bottom of the pile

A smaller diameter rotating drum with vertical slats rotates at a higher linear speed than the disc, and the material is pushed onto the conveyor and transported, suitable for bulk materials

Cantilever scraper loader: on the two chains closed at the front, a cantilever scraper is installed at a certain distance, and the two chains run in the reverse direction, and the scraper rakes the material

The center section of the two chains runs in the same direction, similar to a scraper conveyor, sending materials to the rear for loading

Drum loader: The working device performs three movements in the recovery: the drum equipped with axial blades rotates around its own axis to recover the material

The boom can be tilted in the vertical plane and swing in the horizontal plane, and it is installed in the The inner conveyor transports the material

Material Rake Loader – Use the rake to rake material from the surface of the pile

Rake movement can be continuous and intermittent, which is suitable for bulk materials with large granularity and bulk density

Bucket wheel loader: The working device is basically the same as bucket wheel reclaimer (see bucket wheel stacker and reclaimer)

Most conveyors on continuous action loaders are scraper conveyors or belt conveyors.

The loaders that work on the ground are usually driven by internal combustion engines or electric power, and the operating device can be modified by the chassis of a car or tractor.

Most loaders used in underground operations are driven by electrical or hydraulic power, and the operating devices are of the crawler or crawler type.

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