What is Flow Construction Method?

According to the needs of the construction objects, the professional workers are organized into various professional or mixed groups, and the construction is carried out uninterruptedly in a series of work sections with the same nature of work and approximately the same amount of work. workmanship according to the prescribed sequence. Therefore, a perfect and optimized construction method must meet two requirements: ?

Each team engages in the same work from start to finish, so that the workers can operate professionally and receive the effect of improving work efficiency and improving the utilization of machinery and equipment; ? Production continues rhythmically, the previous process is completed in a certain section, and the next process starts immediately in that section to ensure that the work surface is not idle and the processes are not disconnected. The flow chart of the construction program is shown in the figure.

The assembly line method has long been widely used in industrial production. Due to the fixed products and different production methods of general industrial production, the construction industry did not start theoretical discussion and research until the 1930s. China first promoted the application in civil engineering in the early of the 1950s. Practice has shown that the use of this method of organizing construction will achieve a relatively balanced demand for materials, machinery and equipment, and labor within a certain period of time, which can effectively shorten the construction period and reduce the cost of a single project.

It is a transition from manual operation to large-scale industrial production, the best form of organization.
The basic principle of the flow construction method, the first is to reasonably divide the construction object into several independent construction sections. The construction section can be a subproject of the same category that encompasses several individual projects, such as foundation piling projects; it can be a batch of single projects of the same type, such as several residential buildings; can also be a subproject. -Unitary work project project, such as masonry or painting. As long as the same technology is adopted and the amount of engineering is equivalent, various professional workers can be equipped to form a fixed group, a construction team and a mixed construction team according to different procedures.

According to a strict sequence and a precise cycle, they can be transferred from one construction section to another successively, in the construction section continuous, rhythmic and identical operations are performed. The second is to specify an appropriate flow step, that is, the time between the start and end of two adjacent sections.

When the team, construction team or mixed construction team stays in a construction section for a time equal to one flow step or an integer multiple of the flow step, the construction can be carried out uninterruptedly, forming a construction operation. rhythmic, continuous and balanced flow. .
??The basic formula for pipeline operation is
T? T1? (n?1)K

In the formula, T is the total construction period; T 1 is the construction period of a construction section or a unit project; n is the number of construction sections or unit projects; K is the flow path.

The running water construction method has two types: parallel running water construction method and three-dimensional cross parallel running water construction method: Parallel running water construction method. On the same construction site, use as many work groups as possible to work at the same time under the conditions of mutual cooperation and mutual restriction, so as to make full use of the operation time and space for construction activities in the site, and shorten the construction period of the whole project; ?

Three-dimensional crossover parallel flow construction method. On the basis of parallel flow construction, in the same building, within the same operating time, organize different types of work and make full use of space for cross construction on different work surfaces. For example, during the construction of the structural part of the building, the interior decoration work must be inserted in time to ensure that the interior and exterior rise and fall side by side. The various processes are carried out crosswise to form a three-dimensional cross-flow and parallel construction, which shortens the construction period.

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