What is grinding machine?

Disc Grinder: There are two types of single disc grinder and double disc grinder, with the double disc grinder application being the most common. In the double-disc grinder (see picture), multiple workpieces are placed on the holder between the upper and lower grinding discs at the same time, and the holder and the workpiece are moved parallel to the plane by an eccentric mechanism or planetary.

The lower abrasive disc rotates and the upper abrasive disc parallel to it cannot rotate, or it can rotate in the opposite direction of the lower abrasive disc and can move up and down to compress the workpiece (adjustable pressure). In addition, the upper abrasive disc can also be rotated at an angle around the column with the rocker arm to facilitate loading and unloading of the workpiece.

The double disc grinder is mainly used for processing two parallel surfaces, a flat surface (need to add accessories to press the workpiece), a cylindrical outer surface and a spherical surface (using a V-shaped groove grinding disc). ), etc. When processing the outer cylindrical surface, because the workpiece has to slide and roll, the type and layout angle of the cage hole should be selected reasonably.

The single disc grinder has only one lower grinding disc, which is used to grind the lower plane of the workpiece, which can process workpieces of different shapes and sizes on the same disc, and the grinding precision is high. Some grinders also have a mechanism that can automatically correct the grinding disk during the grinding process.

Rotary Shaft Grinder: The workpiece or grinding tool (adjustable grinding ring or grinding rod) is driven to rotate by the main shaft which rotates in the forward and reverse directions. The structure is relatively simple and is used to grind the inside and outside cylindrical surfaces.
Special grinding machine: According to the different workpieces to be ground, there are center hole grinding machine, steel ball grinding machine and gear grinding machine.
In addition, there is a centerless grinding machine that uses a similar centerless grinding principle to grind cylindrical parts.

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