What is optimization?

Optimization Definition

Optimization is the process of optimizing, of making great. It is the pursuit of excellence . It is the use of techniques to select the best alternatives, in order to achieve the determined objectives.

Optimization consists of drawing up a strategic and adequate plan for efficient management, with the aim of obtaining a return within the standards of excellence. The optimization process seeks to optimize performance in the most diverse fields of activity.

In the administrative area of ​​a company, optimization begins with the collection of data, which leads to an evaluation and review of strategies, with the aim of reducing costs, increasing productivity, increasing sales, efficient use of employee time. professionals, etc., all in pursuit of excellence.

In Statistics, optimization is the process by which the optimal value of a quantity is determined.


In the area of ​​information technology, it is possible to make use of methods and techniques aimed at optimizing websites. Among them, SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ), in Portuguese, ( Search Engine Optimization ), which provides a set of actions aimed at improving the structure of the site, from language, layout, images, texts, etc.

Another resource also used for website optimization and SEM ( Search Engine Marketing ), whose main objective is to improve the positioning of the site within various search engines.

Optimization and ergonomics

Ergonomics is the science that studies the relationship between man and his work environment. The objective of ergonomics is to establish the well-being of the worker and optimize the general conditions of the environment.

Ergonomics seeks to adapt the work environment to the needs of each professional, from adequate lighting, noise control, the ideal temperature, accident prevention and the necessary care to avoid the appearance of pathologies derived from various factors, including , poor posture and repetitive strain.

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