What is SmartTV?

Definition of Smart TV

Smart TV is an expression of the scope of technology and means “intelligent television” . Smart TV is also known as connected television or hybrid TV because it is a combination of television with the Internet .

The popularity of Smart TVs has increased a lot in recent years, because it is an evolution of the concept of television, providing the user with a much more profitable experience.

A Smart TV has some features that until recently were only found on computers (Wi-Fi or cable connection, USB ports). In addition, the user can install applications (which can be free or paid) and other features. As in smartphones, there are thousands of applications of the most varied categories, for all tastes.

This trend, by integrating the Internet into television, makes it possible to use social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, watch videos on YouTube and rent movies through services such as Netflix, all from the comfort of the sofa, being able to enjoy the multiple functions with friends and family.

Interactivity and connectivity are the main advantages of Smart TV. Despite this, it is important to note that Smart TV is not intended to replace the computer, since it uses the Internet mainly as an entertainment tool and not as a work tool.

Some of the most famous Smart TV brands are Samsung, LG and Sony. Smart TV technology presents several options to choose from, in terms of screen type (Plasma, LCD, 3D, LED), screen design and resolution (HD Ready, Full HD or Ultra HD).

Smart TV has some similarities with digital television, such as high picture quality, but it has the functionality to connect to the Internet, which is not found in digital television.

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