What is stuffed beef?

Stuffed veal is a dish made with beef that comes from very young cows. It traditionally takes one of two forms, but others are possible. Stuffed beef brisket is the first type and stuffed beef rolls are the other. Both types of stuffed beef dishes can be filled with any number of ingredients, including vegetables, cheese, and herbs, limited only by the imagination of the cook and the tastes of the diners.

Stuffed veal rolls are made with veal cutlets.

Veal brisket is usually prepared for stuffing by removing the meat from the bone, which can be done at a butcher or at home. The result is a single, relatively flat, rectangular piece of meat. The stuffing is placed over the brisket, which is then rolled over the stuffing and usually secured with butcher’s twine. Stuffed beef brisket can be cooked to taste. Common methods include roasting and braising, particularly in wine or in chicken or beef broth.

Stuffed beef rolls are also called beef fowl, which can sometimes cause confusion. These are not a poultry dish at all, but rather made from beef. They are made in a similar way to stuffed beef brisket, but use smaller individual pieces of beef called chops. These can come from various places on the animal, but are usually taken from the flank, leg, or chest. Each chop is individually stuffed and rolled and can be secured with butcher’s twine or a skewer. The cooking methods for this type of dish are similar to those for stuffed beef brisket, but other methods such as sautéing are possible.

Fillings for stuffed beef dishes can vary greatly, but certain themes predominate. Vegetables such as spinach, onions, and red bell peppers are commonly mixed with seasonings and garlic. A breadcrumb binder, with or without egg, is sometimes added to give the filling a firmer texture when cooked. Many other ingredients are also possible, such as cheese, mushrooms, apricots, or prosciutto ham. Herbs such as rosemary, parsley, thyme and savory herbs are also common.

While veal fowl and stuffed beef brisket are the two most common ways to prepare stuffed beef, there are other cuts that can be stuffed as well. Veal brisket and veal chops, either bone-in or boneless, are two more examples. The possibilities for this type of dish are limited only by the availability of veal cuts. Even stuffed beef burgers or beef meatballs are possible if only ground beef is available.

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