What is “The legacy of Catalan”?

A monograph on the wooden machinery of ancient China

It was written in the fourth year of Zhongtong in the Yuan dynasty (1263)

The author Xue Jingshi, whose name is Shuju, was born in Wanquan, Hedong (now Wanrong County, Shanxi Province) in the early Yuan Dynasty, he is a carpenter with high technical and cultural standards

“Las reliquias del catalan” mainly presents the shape, structural characteristics and manufacturing methods of wooden utensils

After the Tang Dynasty, woodworking was often called “Zi Ren”, so the title of the book is named after the Zi Ren system.

The preface has been written by the writer Duan Cheng in the early Yuan dynasty

Machines and tools are classified and described according to their performance

Each category presents the history first, one item by item, a total of 110 items

Each object is described according to its parts, referring to the ancient artifacts and the system of the time, the general images and sub-images are drawn and their sizes are marked, they are easy to interpret and learn, and more practical

But at that time, only the isolated copy was copied and it was not widely spread

In the early Ming and Ming dynasties, it was included in “Yongle Dadian”

Today’s “Yongle Dadian” volume 18244, “Eighteen Yang” still retains two parts: first, the car system, only the “circle”, “backing”, “screen wind” and “car of the pavilion”

Four, their names are quite similar to the “Golden Story · Yufu Zhi”, suspected to be the legacy of gold; second, in the textile part, only “Hua Jizi”, “Li Jizi”, “Luo Ji” and “There are four types of “cloth hanging machine” looms and three “pan bed” tools, “jing brand ” and “diaoxie”

The machine has no reeds

The machine prevailed in the Song and Yuan dynasties and was later lost

The two parts of existing materials are still rare monographs on wooden machinery and tools in history, and have important reference value for the study of textile technology and automobile manufacturing technology of Song and Yuan

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