What is the walkthrough?

Meaning of the walkthrough

Tutorial is an adjective of two genres that consists of content created to teach some technique or topic related to some area.

The word itself is related to the teaching exercised by a tutor , a teacher.

A tutorial is content based on initial or primary information about a topic , which is taught by a tutor or someone who has tutored (“power over”) the topic.

The tutorials can also be manuals, instructions or explanations related to a specific topic , and that are usually related to computer or technological content.

The information transmitted in the tutorials, as a general rule, presents a “step by step” on a given topic, teaching the basic functions and clearing up common doubts. There are several tutorials related to the area of ​​beauty on the Internet, such as: makeup, manicure, hairstyles, etc.

In English, the tutorial is written with the same spelling as in Portuguese, since the word is considered a neologism of the English language.

computer tutorial

The term tutorial is considered a very common expression in the computer world. They work as a kind of manuals and accompany the software , explaining how the program works and how to use it for the first time.

Tutorials are also present in video games, introducing the player to the controls and universe of the game.

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Tutorial action

The tutorial action is an expression that is usually used in the academic or school environment to designate actions and tools of a tutor (teacher, for example) for teaching.

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