What is Ubuntu?

meaning of ubuntu

Ubuntu is the name of an operating system created from the Linux kernel (Linux Kernel) . It is an open source system based on free software standards . This term also refers to a philosophy of African origin, which speaks of the meaning of humanity and the way it lives.

The choice of name is based on the African philosophy “ ubunto ” and reflects the ideology of the project, highlighting the spirit of mutual help among employees. The Ubuntu system is community developed and the product can be shared with anyone. Anyone who wants to can install the operating system on their computer for free, without having to pay to use it.

Ubuntu was released in 2005 by the Canonical company. It was advertised as an easy to use system and intended for personal or professional purposes.

It is considered a secure system and contains all the necessary applications for user navigation, such as the browser (web browser), text editing programs, spreadsheets, among other software intended for the production of content and entertainment.

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Ubuntu as a philosophy of life

Ubuntu is an African philosophy, present in the culture of some groups that inhabit sub-Saharan Africa, whose meaning refers to humanity with others. It is a broad concept about the essence of the human being and the way he behaves in society .

For Africans, ubuntu is the human capacity to understand, accept and treat the other well, an idea similar to that of “love for one’s neighbor”.

Ubuntu is synonymous with generosity, solidarity, compassion for those in need, and the sincere desire for happiness and harmony among human beings.

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